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Servo Drive

  • Wide range multi-purpose servo drive CSD5

    • Various motor solution from 50W to1.5KWc
    • Improved performance Online vibration restraining suppression Speed response
       frequency: 800Hz P/PI control auto switching 3Mpps high-speed pulse input
    • Enhanced user convenience
       One parameter tuning,Powerful PC interface, Ultraware Convenient RS485
       communication cableconnetivity, Supports Modbus-RTU protocol
    • Indexing feature
    • Linear motor solution
    • Reduced inrush current (21.9Apeak,22.6APeak)
    • Reduced leakage current (up to 10mA)

  • Mid to large capacity servo drive CSDP

    • Various motor solution from 2KW to 5KW
    • Stable PWM control using next generation IPM
    • Equipped with high performance 32-bit DSP
    • Speed monitoring system to prevent speed ripples during low speed driving
    • Speed response frequency 400Hz
    • 17-bit Serial Encoder can be used

  • Servo motor

    • Supports various capacities from 50W to 5kW
    • Supports general incremental encoder
    • The motor is compatible with various dedicated devices series configuration
    • Compatible with special custom made motors
    • Conforms to fast delivery requests

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