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  • MOSCON-F50

    The MOSCON-F50 Series feature 32-bit micro processors and the latest sensorless vector control that outputs high torque and high performance with multiple function controls. It is equipped with essential peripheral devices and standard communication features, constant groups for each function, and various status monitoring features. It allows easy system configuration and operation and its compact and light design simplifies installation, maintenance and changing parts.
    • High performance and multiple control functions through 32-bit RISC micro processor
    • Optimal performance through sensorless vector control and auto tuning
    • Optimal acceleration/deceleration control through fully automated torque compensation and stall prevention for preventing motor stall
    • Reduce system configuration cost and improve convenience with built-in dynamic braking device
    • Availability of diverse speed commands including digital volume, analog input, embedded with 9 speeds and communicationsv
    • Various drive features including temporary frequency interruption, DC breaking Up/ Down drive, and frequency detection
    • PID control feature (allows monitoring of 4 status variables of command, feedback, deviation, and output)
    • Modbus-RTU communication and RS-485 communication features

  • MOSCON-F500

    The F500 inverter series are the latest products developed for wide usage and energy saving purposes in-line with worldwide product strategy. The inverter is well featured in terms of functionality, convenience and durability. F500 series are certified with high energy saving drives for fan/pump application from Korean government.
    • Widely applicable sensorless vector control
    - Provides the most optimal solution for application in the fan pump sector as well as general machinery and logistics facilities
    • Wide range of product lines (up to 220kW)
    • Various features for optimal energy saving (e-mark certified: all the models are high energy efficiency certified)
    - Scheduled operation with the embedded Sleep/Wake-up
    - Complete PID control
    • Compact exterior designed to save space
    • Design oriented for engineer and user convenience
    • The most optimal drive that meets the demands of machine manufacturers and end users
    • Comes standard with Metasys N2, P1-Floor Level Network (FLN) building automation communication device


    The latest inverter F7 with the latest vector control technology and market application requirements is designed with improved operation precision and load adaptability and is featured with new standstill auto tuning, enhanced KEB drive, and HSB that allows trouble free and flexible driving for any purpose under any conditions.
    • Powerful and flexible
    - Powerful PG less current vector control embedded
    - Enhanced breaking (HSB)
    - Various functions have been supplemented (PID control, optimal energy saving control, feed-forward control, etc.)
    - Conforms to various I/O (Sink/Source IN, Pulse I/O, etc.)
    • Simplified usage
    - Easy operation (embedded LED operator, quick programming mode, etc.)
    - Simplified maintenance inspection (removable control circuit terminal, On/Off control for removable cooling fan, etc.)
    • Enhanced environmental friendliness
    - Energy saving control
    - Complete power harmonics measure (12 phase rectifier – optional)
    • Proven reliability worldwide
    - Conforms with world’s major field networks (from MemoBus to LonWorks)
    - Conforms with world’s major specifications (UL, CE)


    The MOSCON-MSD is a widely applicable inverter that can be used in the application range between 0.2kW to 3.7kW. It is a compact inverter that not only allows panel attachment but detachment of DIN rail as well.
    • Practical price compared with high performance
    - Conforms with constant torque and variable torque loads
    - Exceptional durability (constant overload tolerance per 150% 1 min.)
    • Simple and convenient installation and operation
    • Economic and convenient networking with Modbus-RTU
    • Designed to satisfy UL and CE specifications

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